Idea Marmi was born in Cinisi, small town situated along the beautiful Gulf of Castellammare, in the province of  Palermo.
The company is a productive enterprise that has been operating for several years in the field of processing of  marbles, granite, onyx and colored stones, always looking for new materials and new ideas to propose to the domestic and foreign markets;   with the aid of technologically advanced machinery it is a leading producer of indoor and outdoor furnishings, coating baths, mosaic,flooring, kitchen tops, and everything related to the industry.
Idea Marmi also strives to create products able to free the creativity of architects, designers and planners and offers them a wide choice of marbles, granites and natural stones suitable for different uses, from the biggest projects to the smallest house spaces.It’s a true innovation that allows to Idea Marmi to put on the market products beyond compare.
For years the company has been  operating both in the public and private sectors; marbles, quartz, granite and precious stones take shape thanks to the different customer requests and thanks to the collaboration of architects and designers.
Finally Idea Marmi has a large exposure, where customers can view and evaluate all the different possibilities to use each product.